This I Believe Draft #1

I believe in having a dog, because dogs are a mans’ bestfriend.

When I was 10 I met my best friend for the first time. His name was Tank, he is a golden yellow lab with big brown eyes. Tank has stuck by my side through everything…and when I say everthing I mean EVERYTHING.

I believe a dog will never ever leave you, when my close friend was killed in a car accident and I was off school for awhile, Tank laid in my bed with me while I was off school to comfort me and did so without leaving me once. He knew something wasn’t right with me and refused to leave me alone.

I believe dogs will love you unconditionally forever no matter what. When I’ve smothered Tank in hugs and kisses and you can tell that he’s visibly annoyed with me, but doesn’t walk away or react negatively. Dogs show you they love you in their own way and they know you love them by how you show them, even if it annoys that hell out of them. They don’t care about what you’re wearing or how you look or even if you smell.

I believe a dog will always make your day better. You come home from work and it was a long day.. your welcomed home by someone that gets more and more excited each time you come home from anywhere. Everyday Tank would sit at the door of our house looking out the window, watching for the school bus to pull onto our street and stop and let me off and teh second I stepped off the bus he would jump up and my mom would let him run down the laneway to meet me. Every single day.

I believe that dogs increase your social life because you have to walk your dog and mak ensure they get their daily exercise, and in doing so you take them to the dog park or on little doggy dates in the park enabling you to start a conversation with someone, or some one to start one with you. When I would walk Tank people always stop to ask to pet him, and then they usually ask his name and facts about him, which I personally think gives you more confidence when you need to do public speaking or things like that.

I believe dogs are and always will be a mans bestfriend.

One thought on “This I Believe Draft #1

  1. This was really fun to read, and can relate to it in so many ways than not!
    Try starting your paragraphs with something other than “I believe” even if its just a rephrase of it.
    Otherwise great “This I believe” and very much in an authentic tone!


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